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Pocket Sized Pipe Caliper

  • Precise Measurements from 1/4″ up to 12″
  • Calibrates to zero, and can change from mm to inches.
  • 2 in 1 Tool – Measures both Iron and Copper Pipes
  • Made from Zinc Plated Steel
  • Die Punched Numbers – Will not scratch or fade with time



Pipe caliper helps determine the “pipe size” of the pipe in question quickly and easily. The caliper is a two in one device which measures both Iron Pipe Size and Copper Tubing Size. These calipers are a must have tool for pipe insulators, plumbers, draftsmen, pipe fitters, engineers, and architects.

How to Use Instructions:
Open the movable wing and place the caliper around the pipe between both wings. Simply close the wings so the pipe is touching both wings and the top of the caliper. Read the measurement on the caliper IPS = Iron Pipe Size CWT = Copper Tubing Size.

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