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Green Glue Whisper Clips



Green Glue Whisper Clips are designed to isolate mid to high frequencies and are excellent at addressing impact noise for interior spaces. Testing proves they are superior in performance to competitive clips. When used in conjunction with Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, it can reduce over 95% of sound from passing through a conventional wall.

Whisper Clips are designed for maximum low-frequency sound isolation in mind,  and will eliminate the bass sounds most commonly found with home entertainment and theater systems. Whisper clips cannot be short-circuited, unlike resilient clips, ensuring maximum sound absorption at all times. Clips do not require special drywall; regular off the shelf product and readily available hat channel are all you need.

Whisper Clips work better, last longer and cannot fail in a fire — no need for double stud or staggered stud, wall assemblies. Clips are installed by screwing them into wall studs. The hat channel is then snapped into the clips and drywall is screwed into the channel. Green Glue Whisper Clips are sold in quantities of 20.

Product Specifications:

Width: 1.25 inch
Height: 4.25 inch
Depth: 1.125 inch
Weight: .025 Lbs.
Max Spacing: 48” on center
Recommended Load: 36 Lbs. – Three drywall layers
Max Safe Load: 46 Lbs. – Four drywall layers
Fail Load: 300 Lbs. – 27 drywall layers

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