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Soundsulate™ Mass Loaded Vinyl

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Soundsulate™ Mass Loaded Vinyl is a multi-purpose composite material which helps reduce noise.  The very thin and flexible characteristics makes it an excellent choice for a variety of sound control applications without compromising space.  It is designed to reduce noise transmission through floors, walls and ceilings.  MLV is durable, flexible non toxic and odorless.  It is also resistant to many environmental factors such as weak acids, oils and alkalis.  Typical applications include applying over studs, joists or suspended ceilings. It can also be used as an acoustic wrap for machinery, pipes, equipment and duct-work.

Soundsulate™ Mass Loaded Vinyl is available in multiple weights and sizes available.  Also available is a reinforced version of this product or a version with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive applied to the back for easy peel and stick application to surface.


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Weight N/A
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0.5 lbs, 1 lb, 1.5 lbs, 2 lbs


4.5 ft x 245 ft 1102 sf, 4.5 ft x 60 ft 270 sf, 4.5 ft x 30 ft 135 sf, 4.5 ft x 25 ft 112.5 sf, 4 ft x 255 ft 1020 sf, 4 ft x 130 ft 520 sf, 4 ft x 50 ft 200 sf, 4 ft x 30 ft 120 sf, 4 ft x 25 ft 100 sf, 4 ft x 15 ft 60 sf, 4 ft x 10 ft 40 sf, 4 ft x 5 ft 20 sf, 4 ft x 4 ft 16 sf, 2 ft x 50 ft 100 sf, 4 ft x 505 ft 2,020 sf


Technical Documentation

Soundsulate™ MLV Data Sheet

3 reviews for Soundsulate™ Mass Loaded Vinyl

  1. Jim Nutter

    Used this to put on a shared fence line, seems to have reduced neighbors’ complaints about sound.

  2. Gary Feidtkou

    Used 2 layers. I stapled on each layer. My tenants kitchen wall is our bedroom wall too. THEY ARE EXTREMELY NOISY TENANTS & BANG ALOT OF STUFF AROUND AT NIGHT. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. We never hear our tenants anymore. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS STUFF. It is super heavy to put on the wall, so you need to people, so not to hurt your back. This is a must to buy. We will buy again 👍👍

  3. Read

    I live in a 1970 building, with 2 x 4 steel stud and party wall with neighbor that is only double 1/2″ rock on outside, single 1/2″ on my side, fiberglass insulation. I could hear the neighbor constantly when in the bathroom, I could transcribe the conversation if I needed to. At renovation time, I used 3″ Rockwool, 1 layer of Soundsulate and 5/8″ durock. Wow. I havent heard my neighbor since. The key is in the install. Think of sound like it is water…….wherever there is a hole, sound will travel through. One big hole or a hundred little ones, the volume of transmitted sound will be the same. Go to the Burning River Buys website and read the installation tips, and it will work as intended. The better you install MLV, the better it performs. Caulk and tape all the seams like you are waterproofing. No need to use expensive “acoustic” tape or caulk. Any elastomeric caulk and PVC coated tape will work just fine and save you a lot. This is an excellent value in MLV. Make sure you install with a buddy. At 1lb sq ft, this stuff is heavy.

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