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All orders ship FREE and leave our warehouse with 24 hours! ENJOY FREE SHIPPING ON US!
All orders ship FREE and leave our warehouse with 24 hours! ENJOY FREE SHIPPING ON US!

Soundsulate Flex™, 2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproofing *MULTIPLE SIZES*

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$279.00 - $1,819.00
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NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL MLV - See, feel and hear the difference. The enhanced flexibility of Soundsulate Flex makes it a versatile material for addressing various soundproofing challenges in different surroundings. This material is so flexible that some may think of it as a fabric.


  •  Wall Soundproofing: Soundsulate Flex Mass loaded vinyl can be used to add mass to walls, helping to prevent the transmission of airborne noises. Its exceptional flexibility allows for easy installation on different types of wall surfaces, including irregular or uneven ones.
  • Ceiling Soundproofing: MLV can be applied to ceilings to reduce the transmission of airborne noises from the floor above. Its unique characteristics make it easier to install in spaces where traditional MLV might be challenging to use.
  • Flooring Underlayment: MLV can be used as an underlayment beneath flooring materials to reduce noise. It's particularly effective in applications where space is limited or where a flexible material is required.
  • Doors, Windows, and Curtains: Mass loaded vinyl can be applied to doors and windows to enhance their soundproofing properties. The flexibility of MLV allows it to be cut and adapted to fit various door and window sizes. Grommets can also be added to allow the MLV to be used as a retractable curtain, reducing outdoor noises while also acting as a blackout curtain. Grommets are not included. (It is recommended to use 1- 1.5” or larger grommets every 6” and not to exceed 8’ in length or the MLV can tear under its own weight).
  • Ductwork Soundproofing: MLV can be wrapped around ductwork to control the transmission of noise through air ducts. The superior flexibility allows it to conform to the shape of the ducts easily.
  • Pipe Enclosures: When pipes are a source of noise transmission, wrapping mass loaded vinyl around them can help reduce the sound transmission. The unique flexible characteristics of Soundsulate Flex ensure that it adheres well to the contours of the pipes.
  • Machinery Enclosures: MLV can be used to construct enclosures around noisy machinery or equipment. The aesthetically pleasing characteristics and the flexible nature allow for the creation of custom-fit barriers to contain and reduce the noise generated by the machinery.
  • Automotive Soundproofing: In the automotive industry, mass loaded vinyl is often used for reducing road and engine noise inside vehicles. The enhanced flexibility allows improved conformity in various areas, such as the vehicle floor, doors, and firewall.