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All orders ship FREE and leave our warehouse with 24 hours! ENJOY FREE SHIPPING ON US!

Soundsulate™ Pro Plus Class A Fire Rated Foil Faced Reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl

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Original price $285.00
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Soundsulate Foil Faced Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier is a flexible high temperature fused vinyl that resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise. The foil faced product is laminated on one side with a mylar foil facing that is reinforced with scrim. This allows the material to be used in hanging applications or places where higher tear strength is needed. It can be used indoors or outdoors, especially on fences, construction surrounds, as sound blankets, and more. Soundsulate FF MLV is an extremely dense product that is only 1/8" thick while weighing 1 lb. per square foot.


  • Engineered for efficient sound isolation for a wide variety of applications including wrapping ducts, noisy pipes, valves, mechanical system noises. It can also be hung where higher tear strength is needed such as, outdoor fences, construction surrounds, and sound blankets.
  • Can be combined with quilted sound insulation wool to improve acoustic performance, thermal conductivity and reduce installation costs. The durable reinforced foil faces as a protective pipe insulation cover. The product is an ideal solution for those applications where a fire rating is required.
  • Does not contain organic compounds to harden, deteriorate or support mold growth; acts as a moisture and air barrier for improved HVAC efficiency
  • Tear resistant, can be used outdoors. Non toxic, safely use anywhere. Will not decompose or off-gas. Made in the USA
  • STC rating of 26, 1 lb per square foot or 100 lbs per roll. Dimensions - 4’ x 25’ (100 sf).
  • Model: FFMLV