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Soundsulate™ Reinforced MLV



Soundsulate™ Reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl utilizes a high strength mass loaded vinyl that is reinforced to dramatically improve its durability, tear and hanging strength. It has a strong resistance to adverse environmental conditions and UV light and should only be used indoors. Use as an acoustical jacket or wrap, or hang with grommets as an acoustical curtain door or enclosure. Excellent for use in walls to block noise from transferring to adjoining spaces.
Please note that MLV is heavy by nature. The thicker the material the denser and heavier it will be.

Additional information

Weight 138 kg
Dimensions 54 × 8 × 8 cm

1 Pound, 2 Pounds


4 feet x 30 feet, 4 feet x 50 feet, 4.5 feet x 30 feet, 4.5 Feet x 25 Feet


Technical Documentation

Data sheet


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