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Childers AK-CRYL CP-9 Weather Barrier Coating

AK-CRYL CP-9 Weather Barrier Coating provides weatherproofing and mechanical protection of thermal insulation both outdoors and indoors, in hot, cold and dual-temperature service.



Childers AK-CRYL CP-9 is a polymeric vinyl-acrylic, water based weather barrier, breather type mastic coating for thermal insulations. CP-9 dries to a tough flexible film that protects thermal insulation from the ravages of weather by preventing water, rain, snow, sleet, spillage, wash water, etc., from entering into the system. It also protects from physical abrasion and expansion/contraction, and contributes chemical- and fire-resistance. Sold by the gallon pail

AK-CRYL CP-9 Weather Barrier Coating is easy to apply by Trowel, Glove, Brush or Heavy-Duty Airless Spray.

  • In the wet state, AK-CRYL CP-9 Weather Barrier Coating is nonflammable for worker safety.
  • Being water based, it contains no harmful solvents that will attack insulations or facings.
  • Its special formulation allows for application during most times of the year for increased productivity.


  • Meets NFPA Standard 90-A and 90-B 25/50 requirements.
  • This product has been testing according to ASTM E-84 (Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials).
  • Meets requirements for LEED IEQ 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings. VOC: 45 g/l, less water and exempt solvents

Technical Documentation

Manufacturer Technical Sheet

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