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Ceramic Fiber Blanket



Ceramic Fiber Blanket is composed of long, flexible, interwoven fibers yielding a strong, lightweight, yet durable blanket.  Great for lining kiln shelves, building custom kiln insulation layers and glass slumping in molds.  Just what you need to create an amazing outdoor cooking space, service a wood stove, or refurbish a furnace. 8# density blanket is ideal for insulating applications where there is compression or tension on the material.  This material will withstand up to 2100ºF continuously and resist melting up to a peak temperature of 2300ºF (1260C).  Ceramic Fiber Blanket is easy to install, requires no curing or dry out time. Rapid heat up can be achieved with all Ceramic Fiber blankets; they will not crack or spall and are thermal shock resistant. This product saves energy. It reduces heat loss and heat storage versus other hard refractory products.

  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Very low heat storage
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Sound absorption
  • Quick repairs
  • Should lining damage occur, furnace can be cooled quickly
  • Contains no binder, no fumes or furnace atmosphere contamination
  • Contains no asbestos
  • Requires no curing or dry out time, lining can be fired to operating temperature immediately
  • The fibers are ”lubricated” for ease of handling and to enhance their use as a high temperature insulator
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Often used in Kilns’ insulation and seals
  • Forges
  • Heat treating and annealing furnaces
  • Pizza ovens
  • Furnace door linings and seals
  • Welding
  • Tube seals, gaskets and expansion joints
  • Boiler insulation
  • Insulation of commercial dryers
  • Wrapped around Ducts and Pipes



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8 Pounds per cubic foot, 6 Pounds per cubic foot


2" x 24" x 12.5', 1.5" x 24" x 12.5', 1" x 24" x 25', 1/2" x 24" x 50'


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